There are 9 "tools" of Mission and Ministry at Growing the Church:

  1. Mission, Evangelism & Church Planting
    The calling to, and tools for, primary evangelism.
  2. Discipleship & Disciple-Making.
    Growing a healthy Christian Life from the cradle to the grave.
  3. Child Development & Resourcing
    Ministry tools - children, parents & Sunday School Teachers.
  4. Youth Development & Resourcing
    Providing young disciples with the tools for living a fruitful life.
  1. Leadership Development & Resourcing
    Everything stands or falls by leadership - providing the right tools.
  2. Spiritual Formation, Prayer And Intercession
    Journeying deeper into the heart of the Christian faith.
  3. Clergy Support & Resourcing
    Friendship & tools for one of the hardest callings in the world!
  4. Anglicans Ablaze Conferences
    Exposing, Inspiring & Equipping: all God's people in everything above.
  5. Partnerships Via Existing Groups: Social, Environmental And GBV
    Tools for a challenging world. Spiritual Formation.


Although spiritual formation is woven into all the ministries of GtC

We specifically support and promote the following ministries:

Spiritual Formation, Prayer and Intercession

Estelle Adams, developed prayer and intercession seminars for the Cape Town dioceses and is keen to take these seminars to other dioceses.

To find out more about these two ministries,
please contact Growing the Church:

Clergy Support and Resources

Church structures positively support clergy in a number of ways and Dioceses, cathedrals and the National Church work together to create the conditions for clergy and lay ministers to thrive and flourish.

Revd Dr Paul Siaki

Bishop Martin Breytenbach

Feel free to contact us.